Medical Esthetics Specials:

Sundays    10am - 2pm


Microblading is semi-permanent makeup. It lasts for 1 - 2 years and gradually fades with time so you can return for touch-ups to restore the color of your eyebrows. The procedure takes about 90 - 120 mins. You can return to work immediately. We will numb the area first and design your eyebrow look before starting the procedure. It will mimic your real hair so it will look totally natural.


3D Microblading - Eyebrow

Best eyebrow every day! No more eye pencil!

($600)  $300

6D Microblading - Eyebrow

Longer lasting, thicker and more natural eyebrows! No more daily eye pencil!

($900)  $600

Organic Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-aging Facial

Use the best organic products on the market!

($120)  $60

Acne Treatment Facial

You will see result in just one session!

($120)  $60

Pigmentation / Rosacea Reduction Facial

Gentle, yet effective!

($120)  $60

Microdermabrasion Facial

Let your natural skin shine!

($120)  $80

Permanent Make Up – Eyeliner (upper or lower)

You will see a beautiful NEW you!

(($250)  $150

IPL Photo Facial

Wrinkles and pigments disappearing…

($150)  $80

Mole/Skin Tag/Wart Removal

Non-invasive! No cuts, no marks leaving behind (3mm and under)!

($99)  $49

IPL Hair Removal

Gentle for ALL skin type! (Small/medium/large areas)  (3 sessions)