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 We apologize to our clients but due to the novel coronavirus we are offering restricted services and times. Please call for more information.

Please be safe and follow the CDC recommendations for protecting yourself from contracting the virus.



If it seems you've tried everything but still have your pain or complaint, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a personalized custom tailored combination of modalities from needleless acupuncture, medical massage, laser fat reduction and esthetics to address your beauty and health needs and eliminate your pain. Our goal, with your assistance, is to address your complaints and improve your overall health, body image and wellbeing.

We apply gentle, safe, effective techniques to relieve your headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety, balance and increase your energy, eliminate your chronic muscle and joint pain, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, accelerate your recovery from work and sports injuries or surgery and increase your range of motion. In addition to improving your overall wellbeing, our non-invasive laser fat reduction and esthetics treatments also helps you look the way you want.

We are a CLINIC, NOT a SPA. If the massage or quiet relaxing atmosphere is more important than addressing your complaint, you should consider a spa.

Our business continues to grow through the loyalty of our clients and their referrals. We thank you and appreciate your trust in recommending us to your friends.


            Massage Associates, 10329B Democracy Ln., Fairfax VA 22030


By Appointment Only:                   703-273-6373

Fairfax:                Mon / Fri               11am - 7pm

                                   Sat                     11am - 5pm

                                   Sun                    11am - 3pm

Permanent Make-Up / Esthetics:                  Sun            10am - 2pm


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